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General Policies

General Policies

1. Privacy

Dr. Schanzer works diligently to protect your privacy. Anything you discuss with her is confidential. However, if you express thoughts of wanting to hurt yourself or someone else, she is mandated by law to ensure that you receive immediate help.

This includes following all regulations within federal and state laws including the Health Information Privacy and Portability Act (HIPPA).

Please see HIPPA form for full details or click on link for more details:


2. Emergencies

If you are in crisis and/or are having thoughts of wanting to hurt yourself or someone else and need immediate psychiatric or medical attention, please call 911 or go to your local emergency department for an evaluation.


3. Payment/Rates

In order for Dr. Schanzer to be available to you when you would like, she asks that you remit payment when you receive the request/bill. 

Sessions are charged based on time. 


60-minute Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation (initial appointment) is $400.

50-minute weekly psychotherapy appointments are $300/session.

30-minute medication management with supportive psychotherapy are $200/session.

Other services (prior authorization, medical letters, etc) are $50/service.

Payment is expected at the time of service and can be paid via Venmo, Quick Pay, or Zelle. 

Please inform Dr. Schanzer of your preferred form of electronic payment.


4. Cancellations and No Shows

Dr. Schanzer asks that you cancel at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. Cancellations can be made via email, text, or voice message. 

If you do not cancel and you no show to the appointment, you will be charged for the time as per your usual fee.


5. Refills of Medication

It is Dr. Schanzer’s belief that an ongoing treatment relationship is necessary to provide refills of medications to ensure that you are safe and doing well. That said, there is a minimum of one appointment every three months in order to maintain the treatment relationship.

Once a medication is at the desired dose, she is able to provide up to 90 days of medication (either as three one-month refills or one 90-day script, whichever you prefer). This includes both controlled and non-controlled substances. All prescriptions will be electronically prescribed to your pharmacy of choice.


6. Communication

Dr. Schanzer requests that you email her at

Monday-Friday: Dr. Schanzer will work diligently to respond that day to your question or concern. At the latest, she will respond within 24 hours.

Sat-Sun: Dr. Schanzer will respond on the following business day.

Holidays: Dr. Schanzer will alert you to the days when she is unable to respond that day so you know to not expect an immediate response on those particular days, this includes all legal/federal holidays.